Artwork for Palestine, Sudan and Liberation Efforts Everywhere

Radical reading and reflection is incomplete without actions that help build the systems of care we imagine for our world. It is also incomplete if we do not engage meaningfully and critically with the social, economic and political systems of our time. We write this in 2024, a year that will no doubt be recorded in history as the year where the most publicly enacted genocide was enabled by the most powerful countries, and another was sidelined, and invisibilized  by a racist media. As a literary space we stand for Palestine, Sudan, the Congo, Kashmir and for all people oppressed under the brutality of settler colonialism and unchecked capitalist greed. 

The artwork below is available for anyone supporting liberation efforts, we are thankful for what you do. Shazia Salam collaborated with us to make these beautiful pieces for our Writing Sisterhood series that explored the numerous ways we action solidarity and sisterhood. If you would like a digital download of one of these illustration by Shazia Salam please connect with us at      

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When we started on instagram we were met with a supportive, engaged community of decolonial feminists. In the spirit of amplifying and celebrating each other’s work, here are some of the brilliant handles we love to follow 

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