Sisterhood and Feminisms, Essential Reads

If you love readings that expand, celebrate, examine and trouble contemporary notions of sisterhood and feminism, this is your list. These writings have deepened my understanding, and ones that I recommend for anyone interested in learning more through an intersectional and transnational lens.    

These texts not only consider what it means to share in spaces of love, healing and belonging among women, but question what we mean by ‘women’, who has power to share their stories or create space, and how we might approach feminisms in radical and decolonizing ways.  

  • In Search of Our Mothers’ Gardens by Alice Walker
  • Sister Outsider, by Audre Lorde 
  • I am Woman, by Lee Maracle 
  • Feminism, Interrupted: Disrupting Power, by Lola Olufemi
  • Feminism Without Border: Decolonizing Theory, Practicing Solidarity by Chandra Talpade Mohanty
  • Writing Women’s Worlds by Lila Abu-Lughod
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