Record and Remembering (Series #2)

Ode to the Woman Who Persisted

My life took a deadly beautiful turn to cross paths with Arundhati Roy, and I haven’t come across anything more dangerous or satisfying since. She published  The God of Small

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what do i write about now

trigger warning: for themes of transition, body dysphoria, transphobia notes titled “what do i write about now?”   what do i write about now? about how i have longed  to

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For the Record

Today, I pen this for the records and not for the “Records.”  For I do not comprehend the Records.  How do I make sense of the Records?  I am invisible

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“Si ri ri ri, haawaa chalchha” / “सिरिरिरी हावा चल्छ” My attempt at translating it: ⁠The wind howls as it blows. ⁠The wind is howling. I look at the words

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Khuded Geet of Garhwal

Women in Uttarakhand perform labor-intensive work throughout their lives. They collect fodder for cattle, take them out for grazing, and collect firewood and drinking water. Along with other household chores

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Recording Refusals

My Dictaphone was a crutch. I was so afraid to lose any piece of information that would allow me to make an “original” contribution that I recorded everything I heard

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