Writing Sisterhood (Series #1)

Small Town Matters

I grew up in a small town where you can always find the neighbors, especially the aunties, in everybody’s business. I hated that in my hometown, everybody knows everybody and

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Sisterhood as Collective Power

Collective piece by Bhoomika Ghaghada,  Zahra Mansoor, and Juneida Abdul Jabber.   I want to be happy for you. “Guess what??” Seema texted me.  I picked my phone up from

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Getting Away with Patriarchy

Getting Away with Patriarchy First, tell your daughter to do all the dishes she scrubs, watch her dreams being washed away, soapy and smeary crushed, under the eyes of indifferent

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Sisterhood of Flower Letters

While recently re-reading Vikram Seth’s magnum opus, A Suitable Boy, a letter exchange between the novel’s heroine, Lata and her best friend, Malati made me pause and smile. In the

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Rooms/ Rules of Their Own

The more I live the more I am convinced that what makes our friendships different from those of men, is how much we listen to each other. All of us—in

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Not to worry, sisterhood is but a cry n click away

I rediscovered the essence of female kinship when my daughter was about nine months old. All cried out, body aching from sleeping in awkward positions to accommodate her slow suckling, mind tired by the perpetual tussle between responsibility, love, and self-care – I felt done.

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